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The Living, Learning & Loving Space TM is located in the Merion Village area of Central Ohio. 

We provide Wellness Services, Workshops for Personal or Professional Development, Weddings for all Peoples and Meeting Space Rental.  

Facilitating wholeness with individuals, couples and communities is our mission. 

We have skillfully assisted thousands of individuals through chronic physical pain, emotional stress , spiritual disconnects, with personal or professional development and by joining Loving couples in marriage. 

The results are accomplished utilizing body, mind and spirit balancing techniques, educational opportunities, joining participants together with ways to live a more balanced, healthy, caring lifestyle, legal and celebratory ceremony.

Some of the more common benefits experienced are:

  • relief from physical aches, pain and stiffness 
  • substantial reduction of emotional stress
  • freedom of perceived limitations
  • achievement of goals/desires 
  • deeper connection spiritually 
  • enhanced joyfulness in life

Randall Loop, LMT, MLC, OM is the Director of the Living, Learning & Loving Space and owner of Sustainable Services, LLC. 

He's a Licensed Massage Therapist with the Medical Board of Ohio,Licensed Spiritual Healer, Master Life Coach and State Recognized Ordained Minister

Randall is a Trained in Hypnosis for Change, a SomaEnergetics Certified Teacher, Trained in Energy & Body Tuning Techniques. an Avatar Master, Accredited Instructor and Spiritual Healer. 

Randall also facilitates Personal Development Workshops including The Empowerment Sessions™, the Your Money or Your Life/Money & Spirit - One Day and 7 Week Discussion Course, Professional Courses for Healers, Spiritual Coaching Skills and others.

Randall founded the Spiritual Healer Professional Learning Institute/, the Council of Licensed Spiritual Healers/ and the International Spiritual Healer Professional Association/

He has served on the Board of Directors with Ohio AIDS Coalition and Simply Living both non-profits in Central Ohio. He's currently a member in good standing with the Association for Comprehensive Energy Psychology.

Randall was also awarded the Health Professionals of the Year Award in 1996 and Received the Spirit of Healing Award from Ohio AIDS Coalition in 2006. 

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